Paragon window and doors are made in the USA.  We have a large vareity of steel and fiberglass doors. 

High-Performance, Customizable Entry Doors

Paragon’s fiberglass and steel doors utilize some of the industry’s most advanced components for increased security, energy efficiency, and beauty. Available in single- and double-door configurations, these front entry door systems are constructed with composite frames and brickmold, high-density polyurethane cores, and a 20-gauge steel lock plate to ensure homes are secure and well-insulated. For boosted protection against inclement weather, rotting, and insect damage, Solterra® and Creso® doors are also equipped with the state-of-the-art GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System.

Beyond their strength and lasting reliability, Creso® and Solterra® entry doors are available in many vibrant colors from within the Sherwin Williams® color spectrum. With opaque and transparent decorative glass options, internal grids and blinds, transoms, and more, these replacement doors can be personalized to suit a multitude of preferences.

While Creso® fiberglass and Solterra® steel front entry doors have a plethora of advantages, each one offers different enhancements that cater to a wide range of homeowners. The following provides details about the distinct features for each line:

Creso® Fiberglass Entry Doors

Creso® fiberglass doors feature a high-impact compression molded skin that resists wear and tear and damage from moisture and humidity thanks to Hydroshield Technology. Their high-density polyurethane foam core adds even more protection for homes, and boosts energy efficiency. Additional Creso® replacement door features include:

  • Composite strike stile and rail systems
  • Woodgrain designs
  • Enhanced soundproofing

Solterra® Steel Entry Doors

Solterra® steel doors are made from 22-gauge slabs that have 30% more steel than many 24- or 26-gauge competing doors. These doors have a tightly bonded alloy coating created during a galvanization process that ensures a corrosion- and weather-resistant finish. Solterra® steel replacement doors also have:

  • High-density polyurethane foam cores
  • Adjustable hinge plates
  • Steel-edge perimeters
  • Woodgrain designs
  • Composite lock blocks

There are a wide range of storm doors to choose from.  To down load a brochure click here