Are thinking about new siding?

  Not sure where to start or what is the best option for you?
Answer the question below :

It is time to replace and both vinyl and siding will do the job.  You will want to answer more questions to see what is best for you.

We can change the look of your house with both options.  Seamless has more option for size and style of lap and vinyl has more options for color and specialty items like wood shake and scallops. 

Efficiency is more about the how and not the what however seamless has and advantage becasue it will not let the wind behind it and it will reflect the summer sun keeping your house cooler.  We can make your home more effecient by adding insulaton boards or blowing in cellulose to the walls. 

Seamless is the best option.  Even if it is not a dark color it holds the color longer than anything on the market and backs it up with an unbelievable warranty.

Vinyl has more options for color choose so if you want that specifc shade of violet we can find someone that has someting close to it.  If it just that you know you want gray or clay both will have it. 

Seamless is your only options.  We install seamless tightly and there are no seams.  bugs and rodents can’t get behind it and you just can not do that with vinyl.

Vinyl maybe the option for you.  It cost less up front.  If you want to make your house standout from the competion or it is a more expensive house to start with, seamless is the way to go.

Seamless is the best option and the lowest cost over a long period.  There is no maintenance – no sealing, no painting and no replacing it.  It will withstand hail and wind.  Some insurance companies will offer a discount becasue of this.  It will keep its color and has the strognest warranty in the business. 

Seamless is the answer.  Face it we live in Wisconisn which means it could be 70 one day and snowing the next.  We can go through 100 in the sunner and negative 20 plus in the winter.  This cycle can wreak havoc on everything.  Seamless steel is the only thing strong enough to hold up year after year.

Seamless agin there are no seams and we install it tight to corner and trim.  Plus there are no upside down J channels above the windows to gutter water to the corners. 

We can take out imprefection in the walls and hide some of them with seamless.  Vinyl will follow what ever the wall does.

Whether it is 5 years or 20 years if your house looks like it was just sided it will be worth more. Seamless is the only siding that can do that, and it has the best transferable warranty in the industry.  If you are planning on selling the house within a year vinyl might be the option for you. 

Vinyl for the most part is less however there are some vinyl produce that are more expansive.  Ones with insulation backers or cool paint technology maybe more.  There are also a lot companies out there charging a lot for vinyl so if you are thinking of going with a large companies vinyl let us give you a price on our seamless steel.  We may be less. 

Vinyl does offer more options when it comes to specialty items and we can use these to accent front of house, gables or dormers and still put seamless on the rest of the house.  

Is your house in need of Siding?


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Rodent Damage?

Just plain ugly and out-of-date?

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There are many reasons to need or want new siding

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There are many options when it comes to siding and no two houses are the same

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Siding options

Siding Options

Vinyl siding
$ 4 to 6 per square foot
  • Light colors
  • .042 to .046
  • styles to choose from Double 4 and 5 with or without a bevel

Siding Options

Seamless siding
$ 5 to 7 per square foot
  • dark and light colors
  • 28 gauge
  • styles to choose from Double 4 and 5 with or without a bevel